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Hello there,

Yesterday param and me were on a hunt. Again. The Cupid Heart hunt has just begun with many awesome participants, including Deviant girls.(*dg*)
Here are some fab and funny outfits and pieces from there. The prices are really reasonable and the huntloots are great too, so visit the *dg* store and have fun!

Modd G. offers some cute sculpted pumps, Emily with a playful lace pieces in a bunch of colors, in the 1st and 2nd pics. (in gray and in pink)

dress and headpiece - *dg*, hair - lamb, skin - [rQ] newest groupgift (YAY!), violin - *AP* Midnight Madness prize
dress - *dg*, hair - Lelutka, skin - Mustache "Beezy" Valentine Market item (for only 50L$), shoes - Modd G. pumps, luggage, bracelet, earrings - Shade Throne

3rd: dress - *dg* huntloot, bag - Shade throne, socks - noju, shoes - Vignette (older stuff for free) hair - Lelutka
4th: skirt - *dg*, this one is my fave stuff from there.

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