NEW! SkinTight Snake series

Hello again,
Here are some fantastic new skins by SkinTight!
If you prefer the eye-catching, stunning look you'll adore this series. The bodies are radiant, the textures are perfect. Tones: pewter - salmon - sand. The face is amazing and see the lips; there are a lil serpent's tongue in the lower lips. Lovely.

Snakeskin at its own home...

Are you daring enough?;-)
(All of them are available at the SkinTight Mainstore! SLURL above.)
Poses: Lostangel Industies cubes, DARE - [LAP] - Glitterati

2 megjegyzés:

Myrtle Spyker said...

absolutely gorgeous pics and the shape is fantastic! thanks for really finding a great combo to compliment these skin. great work :)


Flower Ducatillon said...

Thanks so much, Myrtle!
This shape inspired by your Snakeskins <3

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