Season of the hunts

Autumn has set in and the season of the hunts too. So i took a trip and grabbed some nice loots. I found some lovely hairstyles at Vixen. (There are four hunts in the same time. see 1st, 2nd and 4th pics)
The black dress and the last white one are from Weird Design and here you can find one more skin too. The second, victorian dress is from ezura. (Steam hunt)

This black short hair is from BeReal and the leggings and the tee are from there too. (both of them are hunt prizes) This skin with cross tattoo is a lucky chair item at Little Britain. The cool belt (i love it very much) is a lucky chair prize too, in the Bukka Store. You can find there 4 chairs with awesome gift. Be patient;-) (Boots are from Hoorenbeek, not free, but beautiful)

This skin (red one) is one of the Frick gifts from Demonology Hunt. The pack contains three goth/demonic skins and eyes.

Good luck folks!

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