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First, when I showed my new elf avatar to my friends, (which had bigger head and legs than the general avis)… I told them: "Hello, I'm an elf".... but they said....ELF??? - muhahaha ... You are a GOLLUM, nothing more.... It was about three-quarters a year ago, first just for fun, but now it seems that this is my permanent condition:) So I'm a gollum.. with elven ears:)

That time it was difficult to find good quality elven ears. For nowadays (fortunately) it has been changed. Now you can find lots of them, classical and new types with piercings, earrings etc., for the lovers of the traditional or for the urbanpunk elven style.

The new Dark Dream ears of the MW Illusions shop are also something new. Besides the big or small earplugs, you can wear tattoos on your ears, in 22 styles and 18 tint colours. If you don't like tattoos, its possibile to hide them. It works with a scripted menu, it's really easy to use. The skin colour of the ears works with a skinhud to find the best tone for your skin. Don’t hesitate, try the ears and became a gollum too:)

ears: MW Illusions - wild dream/wild dark dream

skin: Belleza - Bellezza - Dernier Cri

hair: Fri.day - Mad Design - Fri.day

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