Relay for Life - Clothing Fair 2010 #2

Hello there,

Here's the second chapter of the loots of my RfL-tour.
Visit the all of nine sims and choose some awesome items from the news or/and the charity stuff even the great gifts!
Have fun and give charities! All if nine SLURL are available at my previous post; HERE.

1. Simone *Mata Hari* skirt & belt
(Tattoo- HUZ-Tats, hair - Waka & Yuki) 2. Tres Beau - Chek - RfL item
3. KWZ Corset dress - gift!
4. Snatch - gift pack (contains the bikini, the bracelets and the pink tiara too)
5. Atomic RfL Babydoll in navy

Hair: W&Y and Lamb latest groupgifts
Skin: Curio

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