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Hello there,

First of all here's a wonderful, lucky board skin from Cupcakes with lovely summer make-up (see the pics) While i was waiting for "F", i had taken a look around. Here are two lucky chair and a lucky cupcake (of course:-)) and a lot of clothes for 10-25L$.

I found a cool Kanji tattoo on the JTFG Hunt at HuZ Tats and an another impressive lucky board item: Junwave hair (for groupmembers only, but you can join easily at Junwave). Well, here are two onepieces too, one from the MIU store and the other from My funnydays. The blue top is really cheap at Anuenue (if i remember right it's only 5L$) The jeans (Coco) and the socks (DPD!) aren't free but great stuff and i love them.

Two elegant gowns if you want to change to real dress lady. Of course both are free thanks to Seldom Blue.

More stuff: Slippers - from Drowsy market (free), shoes from Sister Strawberry (free), shaders from Noir Lolita (dollarbie), O&N fedora from Style Society (not free but very cheap and menu driven one), hairstyles: Armidi (black one) and Deviant Kitties (blond one), bottle of soda from Albero market (free).

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