How many shirts do you have?

hello guys:)

Shirts.... I think that in your inventory, you have certainly a lot of it. Or not? Now I will give you nine different versions, if you like to refresh your gardrobe in colour blue, black and white. All of them are free or cheap. (0-10L.) And the shopping is easy via SLX, if you don't want to go to the shops:

1.) Dragonfruit
2.) *AD* AnimasDesign (or via slx)
3.) *AD* AnimasDesign (or via slx)

1.) Miu... Urban Style! (or via slx)
2.) Dragonfruit
3.)*IA* Dark legend T-shirt by Pavell Clowes (or via slx)

1.) T/n/T (or via slx)
3.) Intrigue Co.

Have a nice day:)

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