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Hi there,
My new addiction are the glasses and i found some brilliant, high quality sunglasses at Kalnins. I've already bought some shoes at there and i've known the standard of these items.
All of them are perfect, smart and gorgeous. And the same applies to Kalnins glasses!
The menu of glasses is amazing, you can change the color of lenses, the opacity and the reflection.
Just one click and wear your glasses on your nose or on your head.
Is this not enough yet? :-)
Choose from a ton of gadgets!
You can choose from 10 facelight strengths (and off mode too).
More embedded functions: superfly, emotions, autosmile, bling, antipush and so on...Indeed, these glasses are smarter than me. lol
And the most important thing: these are beautiful!:-)
Here are my faves:

Kalnins - Winter Kalnins - Skulls

Kalnins - Mercury
All of these glasses are available at Kalnins Mainstore!
Hairs: Fishy Strawberry, Mirai, Deviant Kitties
Skin: Tuli bella

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