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Hello there,

After a ton of [The Plastik] Thanksgiving gifts, here are some new items:)
The Plastik has just released Strips Dress in a bunch of colors.
In the pics are: Japan, Leather, Perriwinkle and Wave versions. The pack contains the 2 wearable options with sculpted skirt and chest parts and the bandaids in 6 colors too.
(The tattoo is from the latest 50L$ Friday by The Plastik too).
The beautiful skins are from Free Speerit "Fiona Gold" as groupgift. (join fee is only 1L$)
The hairstyles by Exile in the 1st pic. In the 2nd one, there's a gift from Exile (pack, look it for at the mainstore), the other is from Magika.
(Earrings: So many Styles)
The other The Plastik news are so cutey ears with birdies.<3>
You can choose the skintones and the colours of birds via easy-to-use menu.
Have fun and stay tuned..always;-)

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Kya said...

woooooow the last photo is so wonderfull, please can you help me and can you say me where i cant found the shape and the skin? This Ava is so nice. Sorry my english is bad but i hope you understand my ask. Many many thanks Veryfine Littleboot

Flower Ducatillon said...

Last AV is mine (original me, lol) The shape is custom, the skin is from Tyranny Design (SLURL is at previous posts). Feel free and find me in SL, i'll send you the landmark and further info:)
xoxo: Flow

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