at Risk

Short background story for y'all to skip mwehheheheh:
Flow occasionally FORCES me to take some pics for the blog, and obviously the time has come again. So after a couple hours of dressing the girls up for the shoot (no. i mean LITERALLY. hours. Matching hair color to socks and socks to skirt and then realizing theres no shoes to fit them all together is a pain. I'm pretty sure most followers are girls so they know the insides of the process...
Anyway... dressed up, heading out to look for a suitable backdrop/scenery (i enjoy that part cos jumping to unknown regions chosen for their satellite looks on the map is fun!) we ended up here when Flow got bored with the sliders technique (bloody killjoy, that woman).
Ok. then a couple more hours until i take a handful of pics while constantly struggling the v2 based user interface and inability to edit attachments, setting up windlight and stuff... so here they are. Enjoy!

hair: fri.day
eyes: Tuli
hair accessory: Needful Things
necklace: Mandala
jacket: Aoharu
top: Kyoot
skirt: R.icielli
tights: The Secret Store
boots: Kookie

hair & boots: TRUTH
eyes: KOSH
shirt, shorts & leggings: BUKKA
necklace & ring: MIEL

both girls wear Pink Fuel skins
and pose with marukin poses

pictures taken @ Risk City
with Kirstens s21

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