Opening GIFT, live MUSIC and DJ party at the "MAJD" shop:)

Hello there friends!

We (Flow, param and Thea) are opening a combined main store tonight (this afternoon if you're in America tomorrow early morning if you're far east) and hereby invite you to this event.

Our main performers for the party are:

@ 1:00 pm SLT / 22:00 CET - Raskolnikow Roffo (with a set of raggae songs)
@ 2:00 pm SLT / 23:00 CET - Derek Sienkiewicz (with a set of ska songs)
@ 3:00 pm SLT / 24:00 CET - whirligig Rutabaga & bartelby Pegler (with live blues and folk music)

@ 4pm SLT / 1:00 CET we will decide if we want more and then stream will be open for suggestions

If this list is to your liking and/or you just wanna hang out with friends at the time, join us at the following address:

Other than the aforementioned performances we pretty much like spontaneity, so expect a couple hours of awkward silence and the absence of food and drinks, haha! :D

Some basic info about us:

Flower Ducatillon - Our famous and recognized fashion blogger and fashion photographer (:D)
Her brand, Shapes Flower, specializes in shapes that she creates especially for her favorite skin lines.

Thea Maiman - She creates artistic pictures from snapshots
Most of those are available inworld. Also into poses recently so check back soon to test the first batch.

paramparamm Papp - Hobo and lollygagger, with random used/dirty/broken stuff. (and a FAMOUS BUILDER!! :DD) Some prefabs and avatars are already packed and been put out there. More stuff to come.

Our umbrella organization/shop/group is called MAJD.

Open the following link if you would like to join:

We couldn't decide which subscribe board to get and how many... yet. So if you're interested in our newest items, events we participate in and occasional gifts or random notice spam, this is the way.

Still reading??? Daamn...

[8:35] Flower Ducatillon: lezárás? waiting for you and kisses:-D

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