'Friday I'm in love"

Hello again,
I heard about Redstar Creations from one of my friends. So i took a tour to there and grabed the freebie box with some cool goodies. The box contains male/female skin, jeans, top, etc. (1st pic, middle). The lovely dress (at left) is a freebie from Indyra. I found these jeans onthe !XTC Hunt and the sweater and bra are from Paradisis (both are freebies).

The black lingerie is a gift in Church of Luxe store at Tableau, the white and the red/black ones are lucky chair prizes at Seldom Blue.

Hair: Junwave (lucky board item), Magika (older hunt prize), pink/black socks and black boots: Edge Grafica (freebie)
Have fun!


FREE your mind!

Hello there,

First of all here's a wonderful, lucky board skin from Cupcakes with lovely summer make-up (see the pics) While i was waiting for "F", i had taken a look around. Here are two lucky chair and a lucky cupcake (of course:-)) and a lot of clothes for 10-25L$.

I found a cool Kanji tattoo on the JTFG Hunt at HuZ Tats and an another impressive lucky board item: Junwave hair (for groupmembers only, but you can join easily at Junwave). Well, here are two onepieces too, one from the MIU store and the other from My funnydays. The blue top is really cheap at Anuenue (if i remember right it's only 5L$) The jeans (Coco) and the socks (DPD!) aren't free but great stuff and i love them.

Two elegant gowns if you want to change to real dress lady. Of course both are free thanks to Seldom Blue.

More stuff: Slippers - from Drowsy market (free), shoes from Sister Strawberry (free), shaders from Noir Lolita (dollarbie), O&N fedora from Style Society (not free but very cheap and menu driven one), hairstyles: Armidi (black one) and Deviant Kitties (blond one), bottle of soda from Albero market (free).


Intimate moments with the Japan Cutie

hello everyone,

here is three (free) nice couple-poses again, from :vyvy: ( japan cutie) poseball shop, if you want to take pictures of your intimate moments:)

Skins, shapes, clothes and accessories seen on the pictures are (of course cute and cheap or free items) also available from the links below.

Enjoy it:)


Skin: Sin Skin (10L skin sale)
Peppermint (gift for newbies)
Hair: Magika (not free)
Ears: KosH (group gift)
Shirt: somapop & diapop mainstore on Elliott (Eliott - grand opening gift / moncichi:D)
Pants, tail, legwarmers: Peppermint (gift for newbies)
Jewels: Swallowtail - Baobab necklace (subscribe gift), KosH bracelet (weekly freebie)
Boots: DuH!! - JTFG hunt


Skingroup suscribe gift: KA
group suscribe gift
Shape: Cipria Couture (JTFG hunt)
Hair: Find Ash (at Savoir Hair - free)
Ears: KosH (group gift)
Mechanism at KMADD
Pants: MAD design at KMADD
Tail: Annuna Prime
Tattoo: F.A.T. (lucky chair)
Boots: DuH!! (JTFG hunt)


Sister Strawberry

Hello again,
I found this shop due to Slice of Summer Hunt and now share it with you too. This place is a little mine of free stuff. First of all here' the SOS melon, then groupgift, freebies and a lucky chair with a lovely, pink pumps. (see pic)
Take a tour at Sister Strawberry:-)

All clothes from Sister Strawberry, hair - Maitreaya Zoe (not free), skin: Vive9 (gift), shape: Shape by FD* Mimosa


10,000 members appreciation gift from Bliss Couture

Hello again,
here's the wonderful gift thanks to Bliss Couture.
Go to the mainstore, wear the grouptag and grab this special gown! (There's a big sale too)
The skin is freebie too at Vive9...and what a surprise, there is a sale! :-) Fatpack for 1000L$, skin for 350L$. So hurry, hurry, hurry..last call is it:-)

Gown: Bliss Couture (gift) - Skin: Vive9 Jennifer Bronze (gift) - Shape: Shape by FD* (coming soon)

Gift from Glitterati!

Hello there,
Here's the new lovely couple pose from Glitterati! Besides this pose I'd like to show you the new and incredibly awesome skinline from [rQ] (groupgift on the pics - it'll be worth your while to go there and to look at the whole series of Lust skins) Then we tried to find hq male skin for free. Hard mission, but DONE. This impressive skin is from [KA] Skins july pick reward. (female version is part of the giftpack too)
Collect your faves and have fun!

Male stuff: Shirt and jeans from the JTFG Hunt - WoE, hair from Find Ash (at Savoir Hair - freebie), nekoears - KOSH, skin - KA (July pick reward - Pablo sunkissed)
Female stuff: skin - [rQ] Lust (groupgift), hair: AMG Boudoir (older freebie), onepiece dress - Anuenue (Maia dress in green, only for 50L$), neko ears: Bellatryx (lucky chair item)
Photos by Thea!


Dream on Error

I found an another favourite place to show you this amazing dress from BarRose. Come, dream with me on Error..

Hair: [rQ]Lazy~CACAO
Skin: Curio
Tattoo: Tattoo Niu-Kua_GoK
Dress: ::: B@R ::: Aisha
Shoe: AOHARU -WALK_SuedeLaceupSandal brown
Bracelet: (Royal Blue) Cuff Up Bangel in Cool Breeze Left


Sale at Phoenix Rising!

Good news - New collection will arrive at Phoenix Rising soon. Better one - now you can buy many first season gowns and clothes for only 50 L$. (or for less)

Red Winds for only 50L$:


Goddess in black:

Christieanna's secret:

Tastee (for only 10 L$):



Hello again,

These days have been passing in the spirit of skins. Again. Here are the fabolous new groupgift from Tuli and sale at Sin Skins! At Sin Skin only 10L$ each. Don't miss it!

And...Doux Petit Dahl opened a new mainstore at Subtle Creek. So thanks to it: minihunt (see pic!)

Skins: 1. pic: Sin Skins, 2. pic: Tuli groupgift

Clothes: DPD Mainstore (minihunt prizes) Hair: Magika (older hunt prize), W & Y (gifts) AD (older freebie at Savoir Hair)


4 new outfits!

Hello again,

Here are a few summery outfits with many many freebies and/or dollarbies. New rQ groupgift hair (i love it! ty Ruth), Rockberry Uma skinpack (yes, groupgift too. Amazing one in 4 skintones), Fishy Strawberry leggings, hoodie, and many more stuff!

So girls, it's shopping time again! 

Have fun, SLURLs attached!

Skin: Rockberry gift, Hairstyles: [rQ] (groupgift. the new gift with cap and the older one in teal), Karma (not free), Pink hoodie, leggings: Fishy Strawberry (gifts), Short: Plastic (not free), Jeans: Little Britain (MM prize), Boots, shoes: Sole sisters (dollarbies), M'z (lucky chair item), Bukka (lucky chair item) Tops: devol (pick reward), Y.M.X (lucky board), C.Smit (gift), Tattos: Etchd (not free), EtchaFlesh (MM prize), Shape: by FD at Glitter


Sunday night fever - Lunar Lounge in Tableau

Do you live in Second Life for a long time? Then you have to know the gorgeous sim Tableau.

Tableau has unique shops, fabulous buildings with rich colours and I didn't know until Sunday, that there is a bar in the air at 250m: the Lunar Lounge.

Amazing atmosphere, cocktails, cigars and great old music. Enjoy!

Another gift from Lazolli!

Hello there,

After many awesome skins and freebies another gift comes thanks to Lazolli Skins' creator, Loring Halsey. Available at the Mainstore, SLURL attached as always:-)

Have fun!

Skins: Lazolli (Jane in the big pic and in the smaller ones are older gifts and freebies) Hair: Deviant Kitties (not free), Shoes: YS&YS (older groupgift), Shape: by FD* (coming soon)


Come back in onepiece!

Hello there,

Here are some charming onepieces and all of them are gifts or dollarbies.
The black one from Lo*Momo is for only 1L$. Here, you can find lots of groupgifts too and there isn't join fee!
I found the white onepiece at Anuenue +Noar Mainstore. This is a gift thanks to the 1st anniversary of the shop.
The motley, flowery onepiece's from Encemble but not at the mainstore. You can find it in Kawasaki sim as special lucky board item. (use the slurl)
Have fun!

Necklace: Mezzo (lucky board) Hair: Exile (older gift), Vixen (SOS huntprize), Exile (pick reward)

How many shirts do you have?

hello guys:)

Shirts.... I think that in your inventory, you have certainly a lot of it. Or not? Now I will give you nine different versions, if you like to refresh your gardrobe in colour blue, black and white. All of them are free or cheap. (0-10L.) And the shopping is easy via SLX, if you don't want to go to the shops:

1.) Dragonfruit
2.) *AD* AnimasDesign (or via slx)
3.) *AD* AnimasDesign (or via slx)

1.) Miu... Urban Style! (or via slx)
2.) Dragonfruit
3.)*IA* Dark legend T-shirt by Pavell Clowes (or via slx)

1.) T/n/T (or via slx)
3.) Intrigue Co.

Have a nice day:)


Slice of Summer Hunt - Early birds

Hello again,
The Slice of Summer Hunt will start at saturday with more than 100 stops and it means more than 100 cool gifts for us:-) (Here's the LIST of participant stores)
Well, some of participants has just put out their gifts. So, here are few of early birds.
Hunt'em all and have fun!
Bikini: SWIM
Pink hair: Vixen (fatpack!)
Top/jeans/bandana wristband/shoes: Somapop-Diapop
Boyfriend's horse sweatshirt: Project Kiwi
Balloony basket: Concrete Flowers


Hot time summer...SALE in the city

Hi there,

I checked the summer sale at Aoharu and Pink Outfitters. Of course I had to buy some clothes, here is the short mix of my favourite items.
As I saw this shirt from Pink Outfitters, I had to think not on the cakes, but on an old Pet Shop Boys song: You are always on my mind :)

Skin: Curio
Hair: AOHARU Lauren02a Chocolate
Shirt: Pink Outfitters - Sweets graphic tee
Dress: Pink Outfitters - Emi Strapless dress white
Shoe: AOHARU - AOHARU_WALK_SuedeLaceupSandal brown

Hair: AOHARU Lauren02a Maron
Shirt: [Pink] Fi Cami & Cardigan Set - cream
Pink Outfitters - Emi Strapless dress white (part of the dress)

At Pink Outfitters and Chinese Takeout cost 50L/ item (not incl. the fat packs) and the sale is until July 24th.
AOHARU: all item is 50% and it takes until July 20th.

Little Miss Contradiction

Hello there,
How nice is Second Life?! This is the land of possibilities and we can show our new and newer sides day by day. I made two really different outfits (one for almost free and other one for really cheap) as seen on the pic below. So be pretty cool or a killer queen, it's your choise and now, it's NOT depends on your budget!

Have fun gals, SLURLs attached;-)
Skin: Tyranny Slaughter House (for sale 200L$) - KAO from Energy Green Island Quest (free)
Corset: Skinsane (monthly bargain - 50L$) Hotpant: Paradisis (a part of an outfit) Boots: Eva Footwear (free) Shoes: Tyranny (older huntgift)
Hair: !lamb (older groupgift), Hal Hina from Energy Green Quest
Tattoo: A & M (groupgift) - EtchD (not free)
Shirt: Renegade, Cargo pants: Valiant, Bag: Zanzo - KMADD City wall of freebies



SLupergirls want to show you, that SL is not just a girly passion. So guys, go hunting too:)

Sometimes its annoying for searching free items, but we will help to find the good clothes in the future.
This is three totaly free outfit for you!
Enjoy it, and become SLuperman:)

Na fiúk, nesze nektek:D Itt az ideje, lehet menni keresgélni, az SL nem csak a csajoké, úgyhogy ezek után néha pasi cuccokat is szeretnénk bemutatni nektek. Itt is van az első három.
Legyetek ti is SLupermanek! (vagymik:D)

Shape: Perfectionist (23# JFTG HUNT)
Hair: Black Maria (group gift)
Tatto: F.A.T (lucky chair)
Jeans: Little Britain(weekly gift),
Perfectionist (23# JFTG HUNT), Little Britain (weekly gift),
Shirts:Little Britain (weekly gift), Perfectionist (23# JFTG HUNT)
Heart and Sole (gift)
Little Britain, Nekozone


Gems&Kisses Summer Hunt!

New Summer Hunt at Gems&Kisses!
Quest: Collect all of the hidden gems of different colours which are scattered around the Mainstore. There are 25 gems with 25 lovely, summer jewels in 5 different colours (earrings in 2 versions, bangles in 3). They cost 1L$ each.

Have fun!

Harlow Grand Opening

Hello again,

Harlow Grand Opening was held yesterday!
There are Striking poses, Ema's Secret, out.Rage!, Ticky Tacky, Nushru, Primagine, T Junction, Moulliez, Pout, SWIM! and many many more stores and creators with tons of awesome freebies.
Visit Harlow, grab the fabulous gifts and tale a look around!

Have fun!
Tegnap megnyílt Harlowban a Striking poses főhadiszállása, ahol rengeteg bolt és kreátor képviselteti magát. A megnyitó alkalmából szinte minden készítő ajándékokkal kedveskedik az idelátógatóknak. Jó vadászatot!

Clothes: gifts from Harlow sim (Pout, Moulliez, Dance Creations, T Junction)
Shape: by FD* (coming soon)
Skin: Rockberry Uma (older gift)
Hair: DK (not free), [rQ] Fever & Rage(both groupgifts)



Where do you go at nights? To the bed? We've got a better way: Shopping!

This is a nice (and free:) outfit, if you can’t sleep.

C’est La Vie fashion and pose shop, with lovely clothes and cute animations. And if it's your turn to host the next pyjama party, you can take it this (also free) shiny Moon with three poses in ImpEle, to take some photos. There are two simple but free AOs too.

So girls, forget the bedtime:)

Mivel a "jaj, mennem kell aludni, hajnali fél három van... (vagy esetleg fél négy:)" igen gyakran hangzik el, itt az ideje hogy a pizsama függőket is meglepjük valamivel. Barátságos áron, egészen pontosan ingyen juthatunk ehhez a kellemes nyáréjszakai viselethez. Az ajándékhoz csomagoltak egy pózt is, csak hogy legyen miben álldogálni, az új hálóruhánkban. A hold simán csak cukiság, mert a "smexy" kategóriát talán nem meríti ki. A holdas boltban fellelhető továbbá két ingyenes AO, amik elég szolidak ugyan, de éjjelre nem is feltétlen szükséges a fene nagy vagányság.

Aludjatok jól:)

Skin: Lara Skin (Aida - free gift)

Hair: Magika (opening hunt)

Socks: Fluffy (1L - 5pair)

Pillow: via slx (1L)


Everybody needs a Little Heaven!

Hello there,
Yes, i think everybody needs a little heaven and we can find it very easy iSL.
Little Heaven is one of the most interesting sims and stores with a lot of lucky chairs, freebies, pretty cool hairstyles, clothes and first of all with awesome environment.

Take a ride there and good luck!
All of these clothes (with shoes) are from Little Heaven (lucky chair items)
Shape: by FD* custom (coming soon)
Skin: rQ Pride series
Hair: Curio Spike black
Minden, képen látható ruha a cipőkkel együtt a Little Heaven simen található lucky chairekből megszerezhető! SLURL fent elérhető, sok sikert!


So Many Styles...really!

Hello again,

4 day sale at So many styles! And i mean there are sooo many styles in the store, indeed:-)
You can find a freebie box there with a lot of lovely clothes, many skirts, tops, pants, leggings, necklaces for cheap...and so on.
Have fun!

Clothes and necklace: So Many Styles
Skin: blowpop (gift)
Boots: M'z (older lucky chair items)
Hair: Little Heaven (lucky chair item), Truth (freebie), AMG Boudoir (camp prize)


My T-Day!

Hi there,
Last night i received a message about the Thimbles sale, so i went there fast and bought a lot of pretty cool stuff. All the stuff selected by me ranged between 0-50 L$!
See pic!
Another T-adventure was the Tiny Bird Designer's Showcase samlples which i received in this morning. Lovely ones, and here you can see my faves!
Shirts, tops, cardigan: Thimbles
Hairstyles: Tiny Bird
Shape: by FD#1 (slx)
Pants: Armidi, Leggings: Fishy Strawberry, Boots: Redgrave, Socks: Canimal, Skin: Kosh


Let's put the X in sex


I'm humming an old Kiss song all day long...Let's put the 'X' in sex. So this post is a good match to this tune:)
Listen Kiss (or what you want) and grab these awesome gifts from Blacklace or/and Insolence!
Have fun!

Lingerie: Blacklace subscribe gift (black one), Insolence DSN gift (white one), Shape: by FD* custom (via SLX), Hair: Magika (black - huntgift), Truth (red - not free), Skin: Lara Aida (free gift), Curio (not free)


God save the Queen!


I haven't mentioned in this blog a lovely, trash-y store: Little Britain, home of the torn skins, raunchy jeans and clothes and rude boots.
All of the clothes in the pic are free (weekly freebies or Midnight Mania-prizes)
So take a ride there and have fun:-)

Clothes: Little Britain, Boots: Sinistyle Shitkicker black (not free), Hairstyles: Deviant Kitties (not free), Tattoo: EtchD (not free), Skin: Rockberry, Shape by FD* custom

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