Grandma had so many styles... {SMS} store rebuilt

Moo in the lobby of the newly rebuilt store...
dress: {SMS} (free)
skin: &Bean
hair: BP*
boots: TonkTastic
socks: shooz!

...then in one of the huge halls.
dress: {SMS} (free)
skin: &Bean
hair: BP*
shoes: .:Periquita

Moo catching snowflakes...
dress: {SMS}
skin: &Bean
hair: [SG*]
shoes: Bettie's
socks: *SHOP SEU*

(Hibari in the background wears a **DP**yumyum coat and *Kookie* boots among other things you could never spot on this pic)

...then catching a cold.
dress: {SMS}
skin: (Milk Motion)
hair: [OH]
boots: MIEL
leggings: **DP**yumyum
bracelets: [LeeZu!]

Finally, selling cakes to underage Flow & Thea. :)
dress: {SMS}
hair: >TRUTH<
shoes: .:Periquita
stockings: Lingerie by Hollee

(additional jewelry by param)


Gothic weekend - Lorena and Liz


Tomorrow is Sunday again, and the Fior di Perle on this weekend offering two skins: Liz Brunette in dark green eyeshadows and pink lips, and Liz goth in dark red lips. (60L sundays item)

I found on SLX for that two goth skin a nice outfit, named Lorena from Blue Blood (for 29L in limited time special offer via SLX. )

So it was gothic but not too expensive weekend:)

hair: Truth/ pamela
gloves and barcelet: LouLou*
ears: MW illusion / dark dream
boots: ON WO
tattoo: ParaDesign/cherryblossom

[NEWS] Curio Sunny 2 series

Hello there,

Are you ready for a bunch of new make-ups of Curio skins?
I know, always yes!:)
So here's the Sunny 2 series with 6 fresh, supercute and dimply (!) faces - with pure, smokey, parasol, purple haze, mint and dusty make-ups.
Each skin comes with 2 versions of make-up (1, 2), in two skintone options (light and dark) and the freckled as usual.
In the pics are in 3 skintones - acorn, sundust and petal with all of the new six faces.
Demos and the new line are available at the Curio Mainstore from now!

Hair: Truth
Poses: LAP and Everglow


Let's play with black&white

At this week - instead of learning to my exam- sometimes I couldn't stop to log in SL, let's see why:)

I was impressed by this Pepitka highwaist Skirt Monochrome from SMS, the simple fur cow dress from *WAvE* and I was happy to try out a lovely Marianne skin with teeth from vive9, which is free at the mainstore. Be sure to grab it, because this skin makes a totally another look for your avatar!

I think, the amazing "pepitka" dress wanted to meet COCO's white bow shirt, so I helped them.:) To the fur cow dress I chose Lelutka's Estelle skin, hat from COCO and this cute bag from BeetleBones.

Hair: Boon and fri.day
Shoes: Maitreya pumps and SLink Winkles Heeled (50L friday item)
Bags: Valentine Sweetheart bag - BeetleBones, Pacadi Jasha - Yfke bag black

[COCO Designs] - New Ballon pants, military cardi and sandals and new *LP* Milaya outfit

Hello there,

COCO has just released some great items again, so i show you some of them.
First of all my absolutely faves; Balloon pants in white and in black with two wearable options, with long or short leggings. Chic and playful style with gorgeous details and textures <3
Then Coco offers the new multicolored sandals in two metal color; silver and gold. I'm wearing the gold version in these pics. The sandals come with HUD and easy to set the perfect skintone, the nailpolish and your size.
My third choice was the COCO military cardigan which is available in a bunch of colors. I'm wearing the blue one, recalls the navy style for me.

Well well well i must mention the new *LP* Milaya outfit (first pic, gold top) because i fell in love with it:) Available in fab metal (and basic) colors and i chose the gold one. Must-have piece!

Hair: Lelutka/Maitreya
Skin: Rockberry Jules/Uma
Necklace: SMS - So Many Styles
Bracelets: Pacadi Jasha
Sunglasses: Kalnins Winter

[the Plastik] - New Valerian sleepwear

Hello there,

The Plastik offers some great sleepwear to us. Yes, for boys and girls too. The pack contains two versions, one with short and an another with thong (female) and a briefs for guys.
Even the BOB Hunt is runnung at the Plastik mainstore too and the loot of this hunt is a gorgeous pack of Valerian in a special color. Yay! (Last pic, left)

Oh and i must mention, there is an awesome collection of Help Haiti event with 6 diff the Plastik items! (last pic, right) So, buy and help as i did <3

Hair: Truth, lamb, Exile, [rQ]
Poses: [LAP] and Glitterati
Skin: GP - Curio Vixen


elf or gollum


First, when I showed my new elf avatar to my friends, (which had bigger head and legs than the general avis)… I told them: "Hello, I'm an elf".... but they said....ELF??? - muhahaha ... You are a GOLLUM, nothing more.... It was about three-quarters a year ago, first just for fun, but now it seems that this is my permanent condition:) So I'm a gollum.. with elven ears:)

That time it was difficult to find good quality elven ears. For nowadays (fortunately) it has been changed. Now you can find lots of them, classical and new types with piercings, earrings etc., for the lovers of the traditional or for the urbanpunk elven style.

The new Dark Dream ears of the MW Illusions shop are also something new. Besides the big or small earplugs, you can wear tattoos on your ears, in 22 styles and 18 tint colours. If you don't like tattoos, its possibile to hide them. It works with a scripted menu, it's really easy to use. The skin colour of the ears works with a skinhud to find the best tone for your skin. Don’t hesitate, try the ears and became a gollum too:)

ears: MW Illusions - wild dream/wild dark dream

skin: Belleza - Bellezza - Dernier Cri

hair: Fri.day - Mad Design - Fri.day


[paper.doll] - New Tweed pants and Wrapped tops

Hello there,

New tweed pants and a very sexy wrapped top lines at the {paper.doll}!
Both of them are available in a ton of colors. Umm, i'm in ghetto princess mood so here come some shots in this style.
In the pics are {paper.doll} tweed pants in charcoal, white and black and wrapped top in magenta, black and pool.

Additional items:
Hair - fri.day, [rQ], Truth
Jackets: Aoharu
Scarf: YS&YS
Skin: Rockberry Jules
Sunglasses: Kumaki SAH prize


[spork] Debutante - Lace & Satin

Hello again,

[spork] has just released the new gown series, Debutante.
These dresses are elegant, feminine and as innocent as sexy. Every pack comes with two skirt options, one classy and an other sexier version with open skirt and lace leggings. Even the gloves with lace pieces are the parts of this outfit too. The textures are rich satin in a bunch of pastel shades, white, pink, blue and mint. My fave detail is the huge bow in back :)
Visit the mainstore, choose your fave and don't forget the Help Haiti pack which is the special version of [spork] Zooey!

Hair: fri.day
Skin: Curio by GP - Vixen in bean

[NEWS] YS & YS Espalmador bags and shoes

Hello there,

Here are some of the YS & YS new releases, Espalmador shoes, bags and Vintage scarves. All of three are available in a bunch of matching colors so very easy to mix & match them. My choices are black, pink and wine tones right now and i love so much this classy-and-chic style and the bag with many girly details. (YS & YS Espalmador bag and shoes in black, Vintage scarf in black/gold. Dress: Aoharu, hair: Lelutka)
2nd: YS & YS Espalmador bag and shoes in pink, Vintage scarf in pink.
Hair: Lelutka, shirt and skirt: Pink Outfitters

3rd: YS & YS Espalmador bag and shoes in wine.
Hair: Nouveau Miranda Gia in black, skirt: COCO, top: SMS
Skin: YS&YS Sharon series
Poses: Everglow, LAP and DARE


[HUZ]-Tats - Huge sale for a whole week!

Hello there,
Huge sale starts at HUZ- Tats and it means 50% off. Yes, really!
See you there, guys:)

[Belleza] Alyson - The entire series

Hello there,
Yesterday i've shown you the brand new Belleza groupgift and now, here's the entire line of Alyson.
Alyson hooked me as xmas gift first time. And then i was waiting for the official release of this skin. :) So finally here is the complete range in 5 skintones - pale, medium, sunkissed, tan and deep tan - with 15 stunning make-ups, from natural till diva-like.
Each pack contains cleavage and hairbase options too. The face is so sweet both make-ups and the freckles and the body is PERFECT from top to toe <3
But let the pictures do the talkin' and visit the Belleza mainstore for demos and for you fave Alyson!
The single skin is L$1200, but if you wanna save choose the linepack for only L$2500, this pack contains 4 make-ups, so it's bargain.
There's a megapack too for greedy girls like me;-)

Some of enchanting faces:

Poses by LAP and Everglow
Hairstyles from Exile, Lelutka and fri.day


[Loot of the day] - Belleza Alyson groupgift

Hello there,
Finally has arrived....Alyson <3
If you are the member of Belleza group, you get a wonderful skinpack as groupgift. Check the notices;-) (Joinfee)
Demos and the entire line are available at the Belleza Mainstore!

Stunning face, ain't it...


50 L$ Friday and Help Haiti Event

Hello there,

Today some of the participants of 50L$ Fridays event offer some special stuff and the income from these items will go to Red Cross for helping Haiti.
So just look for the sign (last pic, thank you, machang) buy some fab dresses and anything else and help, it's so easy! :)
Credit 1:
Coat: AOHARU (Help Haiti item)
Hair: lamb (50 L$ Friday item, and there's another "Help Haiti" hairstyle too)
Bra: part of the Blacklace Help Haiti set (many-many items at Scribble)
(Shoes, leggings: Anexx/Aoharu)
Credit 2:
Cardigan: Pig - 50L$ Fridays item
Necklace: HOD - 50L$ Fridays item
Boots: MIEL - 50L$ help Haiti item
Credit 3:
Dress: Artilleri - 50L$ Fridays item
Hair: [rQ] groupgift - 1L$
Look for this sigh and help Haiti!

[HUCCI] News

Hello there,
Here's the new Hucci's Gold Rush dress, yay!
Available in a bunch of colours of course:) Visit the mainstore and check them on!
In the 2nd pic is my fave Hucci outfit, Crushed Bodysuit in ruby. I love the velvet-y textures and the chestpiece of this dress <3
Aaaand in the 3rd, the pink diamond corset, which is the one of new Hucci Cucci's lingerie. Fab!

Shoes: Courtisane and Enkythings - SAH prizes (starting point is HERE)
Hair: fascino
Skin: Belleza Alyson


[NEWS] Mashooka's new skinserieses

Hello again,

Mashooka has just released two new skinlines, Analise and Fairey.
Both of them are available in four skintones - ivory, honey, sand and bronze with 8 lovely make-ups from natural to vivid, colorful ones, even dramatical diva-like versions.
If you prefer the natural bodies and sweet faces, visit the mainstore and try the demos:)
Good news: if you join the Mashooka group (join fee is 200L$) now will get 2 skins for totally free, Analise with natural make-up in honey and in sand skintones, yay!

The Lingerie Boutique offers wonderful and supersexy underwears for girls. Here are my actual faves, some of them are new and some are older ones. The prices are really nice and there's an MM board too, so you can win a 100L$ giftcard! Don't miss the groupoffers (10L$) on the counter!
Have fun and stay tunes!

Hair: Truth, analog dog and Lelutka
Poses: LAP and Glitterati


Beauty Avatar Couture *JULIA* and further goodies

Hello there,

I'm back, (almost) healthy again and here i go with some great stuff from Beauty Avatar Couture, from Coco, Anexx...and so on!
The new supersexy bodysuits "Julia" by Beauty Avatar Couture rock! Great textures and an extraordinary chest/neck piece make totally special this outfit.
In the pics are the black, the purple and the green versions. <3
The new groupgift beret from COCO recalls the old hollywood days for me. Love it. Ideal for hairbased skins e.g YS&YS Sharon, which i'm wearing in these photos.
These ANEXX gladiator sandals are absolutely glamorous with two wearable options (in black and in silverwhite in the pics), aaaand don't forget the sale at the ANEXX Mainstore!
A ton of great stuff are 50% off. (YAY!)
Don't miss it!

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