The One for the Boys

Hello again,
Here's a little collection - or/and inspiration - for guys:-) Umm..i mean for slupermen of course! Their situation is more difficult than girls', less stuff and less freebies. So here are some really cool tees, shirts and sweaters.
The skin is from Cybernetic Sale (only for 1L$), the hair came from Philotic Energy Birthday gift (for 50L$ with 8 hairstyles and bags).
The Hell Bop shirt is from FabFree HQ (i bought it by giftcard, available t the HQ), the Gritty Kitty and the This is Fawn tees and the Moonshine sweater are from the Festivale sim's poophunt.
Renegade giftpack is available at the mainstore (tank and further 3 tees too).
The A.Y.Y. hunt has just started. We can find 15 pink hearts with gifts for guys and girls too. There are tops, jeans, sweater, tees and so on.
Drowsy tee is from the little open-air market (previously blogged) and the REEK subscibe gift is a pack of really cool tees.
Have fun guys, happy hunt!:-)


Bienvenue in Paris


La Tour Eiffel, L'Arc de Triomphe, Le Moulin Rouge, Montmartre, Le Notre Dame, Champs Elysee, and .....authenthic formal clothes for free. It's Paris in the 1900's. A realistic sim, for the lovers of this beautiful city.

and one more clothes from here. This is a victorian outfit, if you next time want to go to London in 1900:D.


Clothes: Paris 1900

Weekend trip

Hello there,
First of all, here's the weekend again. (YAY!) And it means the first Atomic sale too. My loot is a fantastic hair, Nicole in brick, only for 50L$. The skins are from Tuli (groupgift, there's join fee) in both pics. (goth and ivory) The hoodie is a lucky item from Atomic too. The purple lingerie is subscribe gift from sweet little and the blue dress is from Canimal. The used look boots (menu driven ones) came from the HOC as a Love Birds hunt prize. The scarlett clogs by Duh! are gift too. The first three tops are from an another hunt at Snatch City and the other hair too. There are tons of huntprizes for 0-100L$ from awesome creators.(these ones are free on the pic)
Finally the black set (bra and skirt) came as a DSN gift by Jealousy. (I love it very much!) The shape is a Midnight Mania gift from HERE.
Have fun!


Great Gifts Day

Hello again,
Here are some loots from the poophunt (oh well, yes this is the real name of this hunt) at Festivale sim. All of the participants provided awesome gifts. (see pic: NSD, Chikka, Pig, Tiny Bird)
The great skin is from Tyranny thanks to 50L$ Friday. The pack contains 3 skintones and i love all of three! With in the scoope of Fifty Linden Friday, i got these glasses from epoque (choose your colours by menu)
Have fun!


Philotic Energy - Birthday gift

Hello again,
Just a quickie...You can find a box of goodies at the middle of the Philotic Energy store only for 50L$. In the pack, are 8 hairs, (for girls, for guys and few of them, unisex) a collar and some bags. Here are my TOP3:-)
Have fun!

Subtleties of Summer Hunt

New hunt will start at 5th September thanks to the Subtle Creek Mall and to the many wonderful creators. You can find details, list of participant stores and sneak peeks HERE
This one'll be my first hunt as participant, so i'm excited:-)


Bunch of news

Hello there,
Here we go again with tons of stuff of course:-) Let's take the new loots as an example! The pants is a new KOSH dollarbie and like it as well as this hair. (older stuff from deadkitties) Top came as groupgift from Poised.
This dress by Ezura is a home shopping gift and a wonderful Lazolli freebie skin (new mainstore opened)
The Black Market has just opened and there are a freebie-paradise thanks to the shop owners. This one is from Sugarcube.
The shoes are SLX loots for only 20 L$, and the hair is an older MM gift from IrEn (previously blogged)

Voodoo jeans are a groupgift (a male and a female version in the pack) as well as the applegreen top (Top: Tyranny Design)

This hair is from Black Market too. (it came in 5 different colours by Ohmai) Search this pack in one of the boats as the Etoil gift shirt too. The jeans are from Calypso Giano, there aren't free but really cool ones. The texture and the cuffs are perfect.<3


...and Cybernetic Skins for all!

Hello there,
Sale-sale-sale at Cybernetic Skins!
Tons of skins are for 1L$ only. Not only for girls, many skins are waiting for you too, guys:-)
My loots are here.
Have fun!


Be Angel! - don't be afraid, it won't hurt!

Hello folks,
Here's the new discovery (new for me, of course) thanks to one of my friends, Gilette. The Angel's Design is a home of sexy and cool nekostyle fashion with three lucky chairs and a lucky board, with groupgifts for guys and for gals too.
Here are some freebies from there.
Good luck!

Modells: Buzsanna and Gilette (thank you^^)


Atomic re-opening gift and other goodies for us:-)

Hello again,
Here are some cool skins for free of course.:-) Some of them are gifts, the further ones are from lucky boards or groupgifts.
The first is an Atomic VIP groupgift thanks to the Atomic Re-Opening. The Grace skin comes in honey skintone and a freckled version too.
The second skin is from Je*Republic Anniversary gift (bald and hairbase versions). The third one is a lucky board prize at Mother Goose's, and the fourth is a freebie from dhR skins (skinfair, previously posted)

Well, and yes..this is an another a-w-e-s-o-m-e hair from [rQ] as groupgift. I always speak about this store and the creator in superlatives. All of skins and hairstyles are really close to me, ...so the [rQ] is one of my faves and i think Ruth is a one of most talented creator in SL. The clothes are from the re-opened Atomic store (top and pants are not free) and the boots from Studio M'z lucky chair.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Hello there,
Here are some further fabulous freebies and dollarbies.
Choose one or all of them:-)

The Good:
Dress - Kyoko Couture (groupgift, there isn't join fee), hair - lamb gift (previously posted), skin - Staged (skinfair gift), shape - Shape by FD* Mimosa

The Bad:
Dress - Leezu (new gift), hair - [rQ] Fuzzy in cherry (not free), sandals - Shooz! (not free), skin - League (not free)
and the Ugly:
Dress, shape, shoes, wings - Little Heaven (20 mins camp prize), hair - AMG Boudoir (gift, previously blogged)


Another hidden treasure from my inventory:-)

Hi there,

I received this awesome gift few days ago and - what a shame - I almost forget it. Luckily for me, i'm a disorderly "avatar" and always have to stack of my items in my inventory.
So...here are four lovely skins from Lionskins!

Hair: [rQ] via SLX (only 50L$) Shape: Shape by FD* Mimosa


Busy monday

Hello there,
yes, it's monday again...But it can't stop us. :-)
Here are some newer, fresh stuff.
First of all there are two lovely items from 2nd Fifty Linden Friday (what a surprise for 50L$:-)) The blonde hair (colorchange from menu) is from epoque and the blue/black highheels are from Royal Blue. Another two hairstyles come from Truth and both of them are fantastic. (not free) The glasses are from Glow Studio, there aren't free either, but all of the other items are!

1. outfit: Shirt: Sugarcube (groupgift), jeans: AYY (dollarbie), shoes: Coriander (DSN gift), bangles: Zaara (older freebie)
2. outfit: Pullover: RunoRuno (older item, the slurl maybe doesn't work), pants: fri.day (groupgift), sandal: chuchulet (fabfree groupgift), bag: sey (older groupgift)
3.outfit: Tee: Insatiable Fashion (satisfashion hunt prize), leggings and bangles: Royal Blue (slurl above) (gift)
Skin: Cupcakes lucky chair item (Lovespell-Kumera/Smokey), shape: Shapes by FD*

Loots of ProPoser hunt:-)

Hello again,
The ProPoser Hunt has just started. Here are some lovely, funny poses from this hunt.
Well, yes, it's only a sneak peak, but go and grab all of loots!
The startpoint is HERE.
Have fun!


Be lucky at Nomine!

Here are some awesome outfits from Nomine's lucky chairs. Yes, all of them are free, if you're patient.
I like this store since i was there for the first time. Nomine skins and clothes are unusual and extreme, so they must be loved:-)
Have fun!


"Just a little patience..."

Hello again,
7 seas fishing area opened at Exodi with five awesome prizes. If you're patient enough, you can get special Exodi skins with "Sunnyday" make-ups in all skintones, tattoo, necklace, earrings and a gold bikini. (see pic)
The lovely hair is a gift from lamb (Unbirthday redux in Ink - Ilove it!)
Have fun!

Exodi - bikini, necklace, earrings and skin
Wedge: Shiny Things (not free)
Shape: Shapes by FD* (coming soon)

Magika - SALE

Hello again,

Magika has got new colour palette and tons of older hairstyles are now sold for 10L$. So, here are my TOP3!
Take a tour to there and choose your faves!


YAY...Skipping Stoned;-)

Hello again,
The Skipping Stone hunt has just started! Here are some of the cool loots, so it's worth to be begun. Most of my favorites shops are among the participants. Fishy Strawberry, Tyranny, Lazolli, Pig, This is Fawn, So Many Styles, Acid & Mala, Artilleri, Reek, CatniP, Boom, and, and...and so on. :-)
The starting point is HERE!
Have a great hunt!



Hello there,
There are some new, lovely and free dresses. The striped one (in many versions) is available at Sugarcube. (Clothes of different colours in each shop of hers.) The pink dress is from lucky cupcake of Cupcakes! So taste the cake and be lucky! JE*Republic has new lucky boards, the black dress is from there. The first black hair is from JE*Republic too, it's a freebie, the other black one (in the middle of the pic) is from fri.day. (The last one is not free, it's new from Truth and I love it!)

And if you wanna try to be a neko beeing you can find the neccessary stuff at Axe Wear and XD mainstore. (Boots and lingerie both are from there - lucky chair and Midnight Mania)
Have fun!

Other stuff on the pics: Skin: Rockberry Uma, Shape: Shape by FD*, rubberboots: UBU, sandal: Shooz!, tattoo: addiXion

My personal party animal gorilla

Have you ever dream about a personal party animal gorilla?
Now you can have it!
The best weekend enhancer group gift is this gorilla from Grim Bros, just wear and have fun! :)


Taxi dancer

Hello there,
Quick post again.
Everything began the baguettes...and then it bigan to rain. The cab sprinkled me with water, BUT this is a beautiful day:-)

Baguettes: [KUE],
Shrug: paper.dolls,
Shorts, shoes and top: fri.day,
Hair with beret: ::::IrEn:::: (Satisfashion hunt gift),
basket: ::69:: (groupgift, previously posted),
Skin: [rQ] (not free)
Shape: Shapes by FD* (coming soon)

"Bunneh walk with me!"

Hello there,
Just a quick post about the best freebie of this week...of this year...umm...EVER! I can't (and i don't want to) describe this bunneh...try it and i promise you'll love it:-)
Creator: nyagos Kidd, and click HERE to tp


Wedding story - fable with a cockroach

At the weekend I have visited the Wedding Expo, brought some freebie and I thought, It's time to put together a cheap, but pretty wedding-outfit. I hope, you like my cockroach fiancé too :)

After 1 year?

If you would like to see a happy end, just leave me a comment! :)

Not free:
Skin: Curio
HAir: Lelutka O'Hara Chestnut

Gown and shoe: Baiastice_La Dame du Chocolat (old group gift)
Earring: *OC* Double Circles and Pearls earring (0L gift at the expo)
Necklace: Ora Trei Design -Regal Necklace Gold & White (expo)
Hair flower: [Wishbox] Maiden's Wreath (cream) (expo)
The Baby is from Pudge

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