News - [AOHARU] Nordic Knit Coat

Hi again,
Here are some cute news from AOHARU!
The Nordic Knit Coats have just arrived and available in eight (yes, EIGHT!) yummy colors - black, brown, gray, cream, iceblue, red, green and pink.
The sculpted parts are resizeable via one-click menu, so easy to adjust to your shape. The textures are gorgeous as usual.
See pics and choose your fave tone:-)

Nordic knit coat in brown:
In gray:

In pink:

Don't forget the Beating the Monday Blues event!
The skin is from Adam N Eve and the entire set is only for 100L$. Keep your eyes on the flickr-group and follow the news there from week to week.
Tees: Ohmai - Starlust huntloots
Hair: Truth
Location: AM Radio's awesome Wheat Field.

SLink Sydney boots are ambassadors of Xmas

Hello there,

Here are the beloved and very popular SLink Syndney Boots' Xmas versions!
They are available in 4 holiday colors - red, green, white and gold. All of them released with cute fur trims around the knee of the boots.
Absolutely lovely and sexy <3
Even, every Xmas Sydney-pack contains a red Naughty&Nice dress too! YAY! (not in the pics)
Visit the SLink Mainstore and choose one...umm..or all!:-)

All boots: SLink Mainstore
Lingerie: Lime Crime (gift), Blacklace (gift at Merry Christmas sim), Lingerie Boutique's group bargain (10L$) and Exodi Gold bikini (Fishing area older loot)
Poses: DARE (Starlust huntprizes), Glitterati and (pda)


Last day of Nardcotix sale!

Quick note:
Today -till midnite - is the last day of Nardcotix sale, so hurry gals, hurry!:-)
Every black, green and red items are 50% off!
In the pics are: Nardcotix -Coleen Bolero, Mellow Blush dress and Sabrina Ball dress
Bag: +plus, sock: Emery, hair Truth and OH, shoes: Hucci and Kalnins Fall boots
Skins are from a piece of candy hunt.

[The Plastik] news and other goodies

Hello there,

After a ton of [The Plastik] Thanksgiving gifts, here are some new items:)
The Plastik has just released Strips Dress in a bunch of colors.
In the pics are: Japan, Leather, Perriwinkle and Wave versions. The pack contains the 2 wearable options with sculpted skirt and chest parts and the bandaids in 6 colors too.
(The tattoo is from the latest 50L$ Friday by The Plastik too).
The beautiful skins are from Free Speerit "Fiona Gold" as groupgift. (join fee is only 1L$)
The hairstyles by Exile in the 1st pic. In the 2nd one, there's a gift from Exile (pack, look it for at the mainstore), the other is from Magika.
(Earrings: So many Styles)
The other The Plastik news are so cutey ears with birdies.<3>
You can choose the skintones and the colours of birds via easy-to-use menu.
Have fun and stay tuned..always;-)

[hoorenbeek] pre-Christmas sale!


Only this weekend, some of [hoorenbeek] products on sale!
Discounted items for only 200L$, so hurry-hurry folks:-)

In the pics are my loots:

Clothes: EMERY, brown jacket by League
Poses: torridwear & Posies
Hair: Truth & Nouveau Miranda


Weekend Fever

Hello again,
Here's teh Weekend Fever again and the common color today is green!
So, visit the participating stores and catch up the 50L$ loots!
First i chose the Mimikri olive dress, whick i'm wearing with Lamb's 50L friday-hair; Whoop Dee Doo and Anexx Five belts boots in black.Next i grabbed the Beetlebones dress, Citrus ala mode in Keylime pie and the Miamai scarf too.
(hair: Truth, leggings: Nayar)
This dress is from Sassy Kitty Mainstore, the scarf is from AlaMood; both only for 50 L$ too. (Leggings: Duboo, Starlust huntloot)

The other 50L$-offer by AlaMood this awesome jewelly set; Athena Acid. The pack contains the choker, earring and 2 cuffs. YAY <3>
The skin is part of the Exile's gift skinpack as grouupgift!
Have fun folks and happy weekend!


BLACK 50 L$ Friday

Hello there,

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!
Well finally Friday is here and everybody know what it means:)
(But if not, join the fifty linden friday group and look for the list of participating stores among groupnotices.)

Here are my fave loots: hair - Clawtooth by Clawtooth, top - So Many Styles, bag - Tres Blah, skirt - Kyoot, tattoo and birdies: The Plastik, boots - Sand Shack Surf Co., skin - &bean

2nd pic:
Hair - Deviant Kitties (pack), skin - Tyranny Design (2 versions), top - Pig, belt - Kunstkammer, jewellery - Miel.

3rd pic:
Ushanka - Sway's, dress - Pididdle, hair - lamb, (necklace - AlaMood, boots: Kitties Lair - not parts of 50L$ Friday event)

Coat with geisha belt - Fishy Strawberry, snow shovel w. anim - RC Cluster, unisex pants - Milk Motion.

All "50L$ Friday"-items for only 50L$ each!
Poses (pda) and Posies (3rd one) - (pda) posepack is fro 50L$ too!

Have fun folks, and happy shopping!

[NEWS] - ANEXX 2way belt lace up boots

Hello again,

Yes, another news from ANEXX!
Do you love the latest release; Lace up boots? (Me too!)
Then good news for us, the 2way belt version has just arrived.
I can't say anything new; perfect and adorable. So,take a look at the pics <3
The Anexx 2way belt lace up boots are available in 6 yummy colors and there are male versions too!
Each pack contains a normal and a plaid belted version for girls. (For the guys a normal and a snake belted ones).
Here are my faves: Red, Pink and Grey

Hair: Magika Black 50L$ Friday item
Clothes: Cynful Thanksgiving Dollarbie set; Hyper Culture dress (older huntloot) and +plus leggings; The Plastik Thanksgiving gift - ripped jeans and dress)
Skin: Exodi
Poses: [LAP], Posies, Torridwear


Sand Shack Surf Co. goes to the country...

I'm back again and i bring a brand new boots; Elsa by Sand Shack Surf Co. :-)
(And some other items, of course)
So, the sculpted suede Elsa boots have released in 8 great colors with legwarmers. The upper pieces (knitted legwarmer) are scripted and you can choose from 25 shades.

Further news: There are an another version of these boots, which are no copy/no mod/TRANS, so you can surprise your best friend with Elsa boots on the occasion of Xmass <3

In the pics are: Sand Shack Surf Co. Elsa boots in brown, I'm a bit country shirt and Cowboy strawhat.
(Jeans by devol (MM prize, YAY!), belt: Coco Designs gift, hair: Truth Jess gift, skin: Curio Winter)
My older fave boots are the Rain Boots in brigh pink by Surf Shack too.
I'm wearing them with Driftwood tank in teal and Hot Cocoa Stain jeans in grey (these ones are available in the Sand Shack Surf Co. Maintore too), and the gorgeous Aoharu roll up rider jacket in black.
Don't forget to click on the subscribe board for further info about news and groupgift from time to time!
And...stay tuned on Friday, special edition Elsa boots will arrive!

[News] - COCO Designs

Hello there,

COCO Designs has released some fall/winter must-have items and now i show you my faves:-) All of them are highly detailed with many sculpted parts and with beautiful textures. In addition to basic colored items, there are always some clothes in special colors, so it is easy to find the perfect pieces for our wardrobes.
First, here's the check swing coat. I chose the red version and it goes well with black and white pieces, even it has romantic, "I'm in Paris"-feeling for me. The coat is available in 4 lovely colours - red, blue, gray and cream.
(Hair: lamb! latest groupgift, top: fri.day, socks: noju, shoes: Maitreya gift) The COCO down jacket is absolutely stylish and cool in five adorable colors; black, white, red, brown and purple. I chose the purple one and mixed white, plain items. The COCO knee-high boots are perfect for this outfit.(previously posted)
(Hair: Tiny bird, white leggings: Remy)
Last but not least, here are the brand new COCO wool flannel knee-length shorts in black. The high waisted pants came with belt and sculpted legparts. (Available in 5 colors - black, dark blue, gray, wine and brown)
I'm wearing them with COCO fur cape (previous release) and the cuffs of sleeveless blouse. (Hair: Atomic older huntloot, shoes: Auma: lucky chair item)
Visit the mainstore and don't forget to pick up the latest groupgifts too;-)
Have fun and stay tuned!
Skin: Redgrave Summer in Tan - deep red
Shape: Shape by FD*
Poses: [LAP] and (pda)


[The Plastik] - Gifts & Sale

Hello again,
Just a quick note.
New gifts are at The Plastik mainstore...and huge sale from Kea's favorite items. So all clothes in the pics are free or 99L$! (Dresses, tops, sweaters and so on..)
And the "december" giftbox contains hoodies, bikinis, (prim)eyes, dress!
Have fun!

White boxer: Luck Inc.
Skin: Curio Winter by Gala Phoenix
Hair: Truth
Poses: (pda) and Glitterati


Footwear Expo - Chapter 2

Hello again,

Here are some further awesome shoes from the Footwear Expo 2009! Today i show you three lovely ones from Kitties Liar.
First, Venice boots in white. Its come with 2 trims and 2 heel colors, and available in many colors. So, here are my faves; Klondyke sculpted furboots in black.<3 Sooo cute!
..And Kitties Liar's Gina sandals in black. Absolutely sexy footwear with silver heels, heart shaped buckles.
It comes with a HUD w. many options; toe ring on/off, skintone presets, nail colors, etc.
Gina is available in 8 colors.
Hair: Truth and Deviant Kitties
Clothing: Aoharu, Luck Inc, Plastik and COCO
Poses by Glitterati and (pda)
Skins: Beauty Avatar

Relaxed moments

After a long and hard day it's good to relax a bit. Coffe, books, pillows... and comfortable clothes... of course:)

Monotone dress (1L) - Salire
Maitreya Gold - IXkin Black (not free) - Maitreya

MS-Gingerbread Man Launch Gift (what's new SL groupgift) - Moonshine at Imogen
Distressed Denim (not free) - Fishy Strawberry
[0N] Wo Boots
(not free)- Zero One

MR-Knit1(Red) (gift) - Meteo Rain
Toesock Low Rainbow (what's new SL groupgift) - SL link

hair: Deviant Kitties - Callie
elvenears: MW illusion
Cleo Cream


Footwear Expo - Chapter 1

Hello there,

Everybody knows the Footwear Expo opened! Eh?
And it's a very important event for every shoe maniacs (as me:-))
So, less small talk, more action. Let's put my faves...

First, the new release by Kalnins; Dragoness. It comes with the HUD, so easy to resize, recolor and use many-many functions of these sandals. I chose black/blue combination, but there's no limit, be original:-)
Well, what could i say?...Anexx rocks my world as usual. The brand new Lace Up boots are gorgeous and available in 6 cool colors. <3 There are male versions too!
YS & YS has released the fabulous Big Sur boots and Cala shoes in a ton of color. I chose the Toy for Tots 2009 special pack in deep blue.

And the other special edition from Courtisane; La Vivien PinkMix.
Beautiful and feminine even the price is very popular;-)

Happy shopping and don't forget donations!

*BOOM* New winter releases

Hi again,

Here are the new winter items by *BOOM*!
First, the lovely Cashmere turtleneck with sculpted neck piece and sleeves - which available in a ton of colors.
I'm wearing it in cream with black LeeZu pants (part of Emma outfit) and pink accesories; Maitreya giftpumps and fri.day belt in fruit punch.
The necklace is one of the other new releases by BOOM, Double the Love, in silver, onyx and bronze versions. The next stuff is the "It's Nippy" sweater, and indeed, it's really nippy:-)
Long sleeves, turtleneck and some cheeky details, if you dare.
Choose the plain version of this top, or be sexier (if it's still possible) and put on it with nipple piercing effects! Two different versions; hoop or barbell.
(Jeans: Urbanity older huntloot and Redgrave boots)

Be creative! These sweaters are perfect for mix & match game. My choises are black Cashmere with babypink "It's Nippy" top.
All new items are at the BOOM Mainstore!
(Pants: Pink Outfitters, boots: J's)

Skin: Curio and League
Hair: Truth, Deviant Kitties and Exile
Poses: [LAP] and Posies

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