- gaia -

Hello everyone,
[PXL] has recently released Gaia skinline. Well, i was really excited because the previous line, Linda enslaved my heart. And now Gaia did it again. Gaia seems a more younger and fresher on me but definitely HOT!:)
The base pack is available in 3 diff versions - cat eyes, nude eyes or smokey eyes - in 6 skintones. (I'm wearing the tan version in these pics)
Every basepack contains a ton of options: e.g diff cleavages, 3 eyesbrows (dark, med and light) hairbase, freckled skins and so on...And there are some separate stuff as well: lipstick and eye make-up packs.
If you haven't try Gaia on, hurry to [PXL] Mainstore and grab the demos!

PS: Click on the pics for larger view.

Gaia with freckles and nude eyes + eyeshadow add-on:

Gaia with cateyes and light eyebrows:

Gaia with smokey eyes and lipstick add-on (dark eyebrows):

Skins: [PXL] Gaia in tan skintone (new)

Hairstyles: LeLutka/Maitreya/Truth

Swimsuits: Kyoot and fri.day

Poses: Semotion and LAP

- Hair Fair 2011 demogroup -

Are you ready for the Hair Fair 2011? (i know you are!)
Join the Hair fair 2011 demo group and avoid the lag. It's totally free and you'll get a ton of hair demos of Fair news from 1st July.
Just type in the search "Hair Fair demo group" and ta-ta-ta...

PS: here's the offical website of the Hair Fair



Hello everone,
HUCCI has just released a bunch of summer-ish stuff. Long skirts, tube tops, sculpted tops in many colorful, vivid shades.
My fav is the purple floral pattern so i'm wearing Belle skirt and Belle tube top in this version.
For more options visit the maintore and don't forget to join their subscribe group for periodic gifties:)

PS: Please click on the pics for larger views.

Skin: Curio - Chic *Flair2* in bean skintone
Hair: Vita's Boudoir - Irena in black
Hairbase: Exile in twilight (free)
Skirt and top: HUCCI - Belle (NEW)
Necklace: Mandala - Kabuki (NEW-ish)
Poses: Everglow and Diesel Works


- on a different beach -

Skin: MONS - Lou skin (The Dressing Room Blue item, NEW)
Hair: lamb - Heart in honeycomb roots (former groupgift)
Top: A.M.K.R. - Boro (free at SGB event. At SGB, a summer festa runs with lots of goodies. Just wear the discount ticket - available at the lil booth at landing point and click the freebies)
Pants: Sheep Door - Sarrouel pants in black
Belt: Mandala
Tattoo: Para Designs - Electric
Flip-flops: Maitreya Flip-flops in spring (the best flip-flops EVER! The pack contains 2 sets of anklets too)
Collar: Red(mint) groupgift
Bracelets: Miel and Shade Throne
Poses: Glitterati and DelMay


- la guitarra -

Hello there,

First of all, this post dedicated to Voshi who paid my attention for this awesome gacha event at RandoMuseum. (Although i spent all of my bucks lol)
Well, a ton of gacha machines of great japanese creators are there even you can win - besides the prizes - two type of cards which are redeemable for additional special gifts. Our fav special prize definitely is this animated guitar by Happy Mood.

So as Iggy Pop says: "Singin' la la la la la-la-la-la"
...and have fun!

Skin: Al Vulo - new groupgift

Make-up: La Malvada Mujer - Tricky Pony #4 ( @Kozmetika)

Shape: by me

Guitar: Happy Mood - special prize at RandoMuseum gacha event (available only with special card)

Jewelry: Happy Mood - RM gatcha prizes

Hair: Mikan - Zoe in chai - RM gatcha prize

Shoes: KAO - RM gacha prize

Top: Whippet & Buck - Lilana cap sleeve blouse

Skirt: oyakin - frill miniskirt

Lace socks: Kyoot

Hair band: TokiD


- anemona -

Hello there,
Kunglers Extra's news for today!
Anemona jewelry set has just arrived and available in 3 diff shades - ivory, black and rainbow. (the last two seen my pics)
The set contains a ring, a pair of earrings and a necklace with an exotic medal (which reminds me of a love child of an octupus and a tropic flower)...so gorgeous!

Skin: [PXL] Linda
Eyes: Tuli - Spotlight eyes
Shape: by me
Hair: [e] Elikatira - Theory
Clothing: Fishy Strawberry and Rockberry


- rock 'n' roll dreams come through -

Skin : YS & YS - Linda in happy 05
Shape: ShapesfloweR (soon-soon)
Hair: LeLutka - Rykiel in toast
Make-up: Cheap make up - Bright Lights 7
Top: LeLutka - Ontibile dress (onlythe top part. This dress is available at LeLutka discount area for reduced price)
Skirt: Aoharu - Lace Ruffle skirt in black
Belt: GOS - Cinch belt in pink (huntprize for free!)
Shoes: PM - PixelMode - Fae in pink/white plaid
Bracelets, rings and earrings: Shade Throne
Tattoo: actchio - Peony Dragon
Shades: Shade Throne (groupgift)
Guitar bag: Sey
Poses: DFO! and Diesel Works


- violins -

Skin: Curio - Jasmine in shell/dark - Big Red Lantern
Shape: ShapesfloweR - coming soon (really:-))
Hair: Sixty Nine - Diva in dark chestnut
Hairbase: Exile (freebie)
Top: the Plastik - Airen-noir (sheer) - part of the dress (new-ish)
Shirt: COCO Designs - Linen shirt in white (NEW)
Pants: GizzA - DarAge Outfit (i'm wearing only the pant part)
Shoes: G*Field - open boots "Vilda" in black
Jewelry: MooD - Chaos Ensemble (available at Fashion Garret)
Poses: DelMay and LAP


- crash -

Hello there,
Amazing news for today. R.icielli has released 2 fab skinlines recently, first here's the Ayla series with ultrafeminine smokey eyes and soft lips. (available in 5 versions and in 3 diff skintones.) No need more word, just grab a demopack and check the so nice prices!:)
Another first is the "rock princess" dress by Peqe which is the guest brand at the new Dressing Room, so you can get this outfit for few bucks only. And this head piece is available at there too, created by my beloved Lagyo. Sounds great ain't it?
HF & ST...see ya soon!

Skin: R.icielli - Ayla in light skintone (NEW!)
Shape: ShapesfloweR - Zsuzsi shape
Hair: Mirai Style - Kibt in black
Dress: Peqe - Rock on (The Dressing Room item)
Headpiece: Lagyo - TDR item
Tights: actchio
Tattoo: HUZ-Tats (former V-Day release)
Shoes and socks: Maitreya - Allure-Tights
Gloves: LeeZu - Miss Tre's gloves in black
Bracelets and necklace: Lagyo
Poses: Everglow and DelMay

R.icielli's Ayla faces in light skintone:


- jump into the summer -

Okay, the summer is here! No doubt. The Secret Store's new collection is out with many colorful items (as my fantastic skirt) and Diesel Works' Annual Sale has just started. So as i've said - it's summer!
This is the time when the inner child break free so my today's hair-choice is this supercute, girly one by Elikatira - Garden.

Let's see the complete list;
Skin: Glam Affair - Layla in dark with special make-up (soft petal - TDR item, NEW)
Freckles: L.Fauna - 50L Friday item
Hair: [e] Elikatira - Garden in red 08 (NEW)
Shape: Shapesflower - coming soon
Skirt: The Secret Store - Cherie's Flate skirt - Pinata (NEW)
Top: BooM - Knit tank in sunshine
Sandals: SLink - Cassia in teal
Bag: Milk Motion - My heart bag
Jewelry: League - Wanderer in balck (50L$ fridays item - in 2 shades)
Bandaids: ReeK
All poses by Diesel Works - SALE-SALE-SALE, don't miss it:)


- modern Helen -

Skin: League - Amber aqua in sunkiss tone
Shape: Shapesflower - The Silk Hunt gift (free, prev.blogged)
Turban: Baiastice - Liam - cian (new-ish)
Hair: Maitreya - Milla (i use the bang only)
Maxidress: Swansong - Essence in platinum
Necklace: Mandala - Kabuki (NEW)
Bracelet: Loulou & Co (in arm)
Bracelet: Eclectica - Deco knot bracelet in silver
Ring: Ricielli - Iris Skull ring (Accessory Fair item, prev.blogged)
Shoes: Ricielli - Sophia in teal
Poses: Diesel Works/Everglow/Diesel Works
Location: NV Madworld


- smoke & petals -

Hello there,
GizzA has released a fantastic collection and i'm in love with all of pieces. This Narcissus outfit is my fav with its perfectly feminine style, great textures and sculpted parts. Narcissus is available at Couture Avenue in this plume shade and in cream at the GizzA store. That's all for now but i'll be back :-)
HF & ST!

Outfit: -GizzA - Narcissus in plume (available at Couture Avenue and at the GizzA store in cream too. It came with collar and the awesome sculpted belt)
Shoes: G*Field - Flower pumps in black
Earrings: Gems & Kisses
Skin: LAQ - Elena in mocha
Shape: Shapesflower - Lilla
Make-up layer: Glam Affair
Hairstyle: LoQ - Mocha in black
Pipe with poses: Rozoregalia
Ring: Ricielli

bedtime stories for pirates:)

"Countless years ago, while lost in barren seas....
There whispered murmurs of a bloody mutiny
We took up arms and slayed the officers of rank
And with swords drawn, made the captain walk the plank
But as he fell down to the depths, he swore a deadly curse

"As sure as hell's my final fate, You'll all soon die or worse"
Now as we stand before the gallows waiting for the end
I'll say these final words my friend
We returned to port with sorrow in our chests
An evil shadow followed us on every quest
Never to feel joy again was our fate
Only misery and death, fear and burning hate
We broke the law, betrayed the code
Now time is running out
An unforgivable offence
Oh, of that there is no doubt
Now as we stand before the gallows waiting for the end
I'll say these final words my friend
Many years, have passed now
Yet, the curse still lives on
And now we rot, in a black prison cell
Waiting for our true calling in hell!
But for the lives we leave behind, don't shed a tear don't cry
The only way to break this curse is for us all to die
Now as we stand before the gallows waiting for the end
I'll say these final words my friend..
At sunrise we will dance the hempin jig
So raise up your pint of rum and take another swig
The curse of Captain Morgan has lead us to this fate
So have no fear and don't look back
The afterlife awaits!
(alestorm - captain morgan's revenge)

Emily will find a better place to fall asleep
She belongs to fairy tales that I could never be
The future haunts with memories that I will never have
And hope Is just a stranger wandering how it's got so bad
I die each time you look away
My heart, my life will never be the same
This love will take my everything
One breath, one touch will be the end of me
You could be the final straw that brings me back to earth
Ever-waiting airports full of the love that you deserve
Wishing I could find a way to wash away the past
Knowing that my heart will break, but at least the pain will last
I die each time you look away
My heart, my life will never be the same
This love will take my everything
One breath, one touch will be the end of me

Emily will find a better place to fall asleep
Maybe she will save me in the oceans of her dream
And maybe someday love
Maybe someday love
Emily will find a better place to fall asleep
Maybe she will save me in the oceans of her dream
And maybe someday love
Maybe someday love
(trading yesterday - love song requiem)

(G: Faces Studio - SALMA/ june group gift - male 'Adam'groupgift also avilable here:) (B: Neron skin - Faces Sudio )
elven ears:(B-G) MW Ilweran
face tattoo:( G: Skin Deep-Little Pricks) (B: Hex Aie - scared face)
hair: (G: Truth) (B: Tribal Soul)
eyepatch: (G: Bombard) (B: Kuroi Hane - Faoni)
clothes, boots: (G:- bina, nymesia, ) (B - nymesia )

photo taken @ blackspot shipyard
pictures by theamaiman


- sweaty afternoon -

Skin: Grixdale - Emery in mocha (Zephyr) - Lazy Sunday item for 75L$ only
Shape: Shapesflower (coming soon)
Hair: Exile - Minx in fawn (NEW, the best Exile hair ever!)
Top: LeLutka - Blow in swim (NEW, Summer Collection)
Skirt: Zaara - (Sale item. Awesome piece for few bucks)
Bag: Milk Motion - (The Dressing Room Blue item)
Pumps: [e] Elikatira - Move pumps
Jewelry: MooD - Polpo Paua bracelet in gold (new-ish, prev. blogged)
Headband: Pepper (gatcha item)
Poses: [LAP] and Everglow
Location: the awesome Tableau sim


- safari -

  • Skin: Redgrave - Zuri in cacao skintone

  • Make-up: Filthy eyeliner (groupgift)

  • Eyes: Tuli - Spotlight eyes in gold

  • Shape: by me

  • Hair: Exile - Lucia (TDR Blue item, NEW)

  • Dress: Acid & Mala - Wild & Chic outfit TOSL@TheZoo item, only for 75L$ with belt

  • Jewelry: MooD - Egiziano Dea ensemble (NEW, incl. bracelets, necklace and earrings)

  • Feet: Slink Jolie Pied - Tiptoe

  • Poses: marukin


- oh hippy day -

Skin: Lara Hurley Skins - Odette (CH1C event, special item. prev. blogged)
Shape: by me
Eyes: Exodi - Riven eyes in black
Hair: Kletva - Joss Blonde (new TDR Blue item)
Tunic: Zaara - Syona Kurta in fuchia (SALE! don't forget to grab your Zaara stuff for 50% off! Yay)
Jeans: Fishy Strawberry - Gonzo jeans in mud
Shoes: Zaara - Ilaida Mojri - jewelled lime (sale item too:-))
Bag: Barerose - BR suede bag in brown
Jewellery: League - Zahavi beaded (necklace and bracelets)
Poses: (pda) - 50L$ fridays pack


- ready for holiday -

Hello everyone,
Some news for today and some other goodies which have been released recently.
First of all, here's sneak peek of the upcoming and wonderful YS & YS skinlines. It means 3 diff skintones - Beatrice, Linda and Mary. (From paler to darker and I've just gathered my fav make-ups below)
All of these skins come with a bunch of options - lashes,hairbases, eyebrows in different shades, cleavage, many lipsticks, freckles even tanline tattoo. So it's really summer-ish skinseries.
Well, let's put the full credit of this day cos i'm really hungry and i'm going to grab a bite soon:) I mean....NOW!

Take care

Skin: YS & YS - Linda in Ocean (upcoming release!)
Shape: Shapesflower (soon as usual)
Hair: Maitreya - Natalie in almond (and [e] Elikatira Rush in close-ups, last two pictures)
Shirt: Aoharu - FrontKnot shirt in washed
Top: Peqe - Flowery Summer dress in scarlet (i'm wearing as a top but it's a smexy minidress. available at CH1C event)
Pants: [NSD] -Miami Trousers in white
Sandals: COCO - Thong sandals in white
Bracelets and necklace : MOOD - Polpu Paua bangles (NEW) and MOOD - D'Jango necklace in silver
Bag: -LMK-

Upcoming YS & YS skinline - Beatrice (palest), Linda and Mary (darkest) with my fav make-ups:

(look those supercute lips!)

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