Happy Halloween :P

Hello folks,
I wish you happy Halloween with this non-bloody pictures!
The first photo was taken for a year, I don't really remember the name of every items, but the hair was from Mayamaya, it's sure. The second kitchen photo was inspired by the freebie hair from Deviant Girls and an awesome cookie tray from Concret Flowers. I hope you like it! :)

Credits for the 2nd pic: (yay, every item is free! )
Hair: *dg* halloween hair
Skin: Mother Goose's:: mary skin_1L$
Shirt: **MIS** Skullie Knit Tube - October Group Gift
Pants: *COCO*_ShinyLeggings_Underpants
Cat Crap MixTape Storybook Necklace

and the Bonus pic.: free funny group gift headpieces ( wonderfully crappy last second halloween costume head from Grim Bros. and Jack the pumpkin-head from barbee.)

More news from Mashooka

As I promised i'm back and show you some further new Mashooka releases.
I met this gown first time at the Vanity Glamour Expo and I felt in love with this Hope.
Now, here's the next episode; Hope in a bunch of colours.
Mashooka Hope is available in dark and in bright colorranges from now. So you can choose from 8 new shades.
The textures are stunning and this dress as extraordinary as sexy.
Here are some pics about the bright colour line; mint, blue and my fave white <3

Hope gown: Mashooka
Hair and skin: Fishy Strawberry Halloween Black Sale (50L$ each)

Mashooka news

Hello there,
Mashooka has released new wonderful Mohini saree and there's a special offer in this weekend.
Well, Mohini is in store till saturday for only 50 L$ and sunday for 100L$!
Hurry girls and grab one or all of them!
(In the store, you can learn how to wear a real saree.)
Mohini has 3 versions of top - one sleeveless top and too more authentic pieces; one with short sleeves and the other with long.
Its colours and textures recall the colorful, rich indian culture.
I'm wearing this sexy and feminine saree with Mashooka Arpita Jewellery in gold/ruby - amber which complete this gorgeous look.

And of course, here are some casual items too; the Mashooka Gilet Dress and the Tristin blouse. Both are available in a ton of juicy and vibrant colours, and very difficult to choose only one of them:-)
First i chose the black Gilet dress and i'm wearing it with lightblue Tristin blouse. The dress has 2 skirt options; one straight, tighter version and other one more loose. Chic and sexy look guaranteed.
The Tristin blouse with fringe cuffs and sheer textures is really lovely. Very good choice to mix & match with your older stuffs too.
(1st pic: Mashooka Gilet dress in black, Mashooka Tristin blouse in lightblue, socks: noju, hair: Armidi, Reeker Keeper by Reek)

Cool & sexy:
Tristin blouse in ocean fits well my leather hotpants (League) and my boots (J's).
(Hair: [rQ] older groupgift, bag: YS&YS older groupgift)

Good girls gone bad...and wear Gilet dress in lila without any top or tee.
(Hair: Magika)

Clothes by Mashooka Designs
Skins by Exodi (previously posted "Oldies but Goodies" and pick reward series)
Poses: DARE, [LAP] and Torridwear

Have fun!
To be continued...


Here I GoGo again...[spork]

Hi folks,
here's the other fresh release from [spork] ; GoGo.
GoGo is a really sexy dress with a special back and with lace shoulder part.
Wanna be the queen of the party? No prob, just put on this dress, a pair of high heels or boots and full speed ahead! :-)

But now, i'd like to show you the other face of PINK (and this dress too).
So, I'm wearing [spork] GoGo in fuchsia with Aoharu black leather jacket and Anexx boots. I chose a leggings (Nayar) instead of stocking and a "rock goddess bag" from Sey.
I hope you like this look!

Dress: [spork] GoGo in fuchsia
Skin: Exodi Lily 80's night - groupgift
Hair: Curio Spiky in black
All of bags: Sey - lucky board items

Halloween Hunt Summary

Hello again,

here are some new loots from different halloween hunts.
First, this skull bikini from Emjay! (Seek 10 yellow bags at the mainstore for 10 cute gifts)
The blond hair came from ATOMIC Pumpkin hunt. (As i've mentioned here have to find the 12 pumpkins, they are full of awesome skins, tops, tattooes and hairs) Another hunt goes at Sunny sim. Use the skeleton HUD, located at starting point and look for the bones all around this sim. The participate stores are Tiny Bird, OhMai!, fri.day, Whippet & Buck, Twosome, Elate, Decoy and so on...
This tee is a part of fri.day huntprize, and the hair came from Tiny Bird.
This skin is one loot of Sassy City Halloween hunt (by Moloko). Take a tour there and collect the little cauldrons at the Sassy Mainstore and at the further shops on that sim.
(Boots are free gift by ordinary)

This hair Creepy Josie by Atomic (yes, huntloot too) and the black dress by Elate!
The tattoo is a lucky board item at IloveRien.

The top is a huntprize from Miseria. Further hunt is going on at Existence sim. The partcipate shops are BOOM, Modd G, Miseria, Slash Me Poses, The Naked Tree and skream; so the all gifts are cool.
This skin is a part of The Plastik halloween giftpack.
(Hair: lamb - latest 50L$ Friday item, jeans - Little Britain - weekly freebie, boots - Acid & Mala)

This BOOM Park Life hoodie in pumkin acquired also from this Existence Trick or Treat Hunt and the white pants are from Sassy Kitty Design hunt.
And now i promise i won't post about halloween till the next one.:-))


"Oldies but Goodies" by Exodi

Hello again,

Few days ago i've shown the lovely pick reward skins from Exodi and now, here is the new line; "Oldies but Goodies".
If you liked the previous series of Exodi Lily skins, you'll love this!
There are four skintones - Dove (light), Cedar (sunkissed), Cherry (light tan) and Elm (tanned), so the "Oldies but Goodies" line is available in these tones and with a lot of make-up versions.
(It means eight (!) new make-ups. YAY!)
The main colours of make-ups are delicate pastel shades with delicious, shiny lips and every skin has a lighter eyebrow version too.
But there are some more dramatical ones; as Cygne Noir or Sort Svane.
The body is sexy, radiant and natural without any oily effect. <3

In these pics are: Exody Lily "Oldies but Goodies" - Padma, Bender, Chokh Tepa and Cygne Noir. And the beautiful faces:

My beloved Cygne Noir:

If you join the Exodi VIP group (join fee) you'll get groupgifts (well yes, skins too!), news, etc from time to time.
(Just between us, you can find an awesome skinpack among the notices now:-))
Skins: Exodi Lily - "Oldies but Goodies"
Hairs: Exile
Jeans hotpants, golden bikini and white swimsuit: Exodi
Shape: Shapes by FD* Ex-wife (coming soon)

"Just a little *SPORK* in the dark..."

Hello again,

Let me indroduce [spork] Bourbon to you!
This latest release from [spork] is as chic as playful...and sexy of course. Each pack contains a version of Bourbon with pants (3rd pic) and a skirt option too, even a black leather belt with silver and another one with gold buckle.
Casual or more elegant? It's up to you!
The skirt has a lace underskirt effect and i love it so much!
(The flexible feature is perfect, so i didn't want to stop the dance in this dress:-))
The Bourbon is available in a ton of delicious colours.
My faves are gamboge (1st pic), byzantium (2nd) and the champage (3rd pic).
In the 1st photo, I'm wearing Bourbon in gamboge with Audrey hat (Lelutka), with J's boots, with Sey bag (previously posted - lucky board item) and with the [spork] Liquid Silver necklace. Well yes, I'm dancing...and i didn't want to stop it as i've mentioned.
(Look the skirt...lovely, right?)
Hair: Deviant Kitties
So here's a casual version in champagne shade.
I'm wearing mayamaya hair - i think this hair is as playful as this dress, [spork] Antique Gold bracelets, J's gladiator sandals and a plastic bag by Lelutka.
The [spork] Bourbon is available from NOW!

All clothing, necklace and bracelets: [spork]
Skin: Curio by Gala Phoenix (Breeze Smudge in sundust)
Poses: [LAP], (pda) and a dance by Sinewave (2nd pic)


Spirit of white jeans and Exodi pick reward:-)

Hello there,
Here are two cool outfits in the spirit of glamour and rock.
I hope you like them:)
Umm, and yes, i want to show you my new white jeans.
In the first pic, there are Aoharu Lace Crash denim and -the*FA* Stamp Rally prize- Devol Fur Coat in blue. So, it was free with my stampcard.
(Camelia already mentioned this stamp rally, see among the latest blogposts)
Hair by Deviant Kitties, the glasses from Primoptic and the heels are from Hucci Hunt. This leather jacket is from Aoharu mainstore too, with wonderful sculpted parts and with two wearing options. I'm wearing it with my beloved white jeans by LeeZu (Robin in snow). The boots are from Redgrave, the bag by creamshop and the funny glasses are from [glow] studio. This hair is one of my faves - by Detour.
And i have to mention this wonderful skinpack from Exodi. This special edition of Lily, La Muera is a pick reward.
Go to the Exodi mainstore and add the location to your picks. Within 24-48 hours you'll get this skinpack, just click on the board at the shop.

Have fun!

Miamai gift <3

Hi there,
just a quick note about the fantastic Miamai halloween gift.
This black gown with the funny belt is available at the Miamai Mainstore, don't miss it! Thank you, monika:-)
xoxo: Flow


Atomic's pumpkins

Hello again,

Atomic Pumkin Hunt has just started!
If you're the fan of Atomic (as me) take a tour there and grab the hidden pumpkins.
...and the loots are Baily skin in diff tones with lovely special make-up, tops, tanks, tattoos and hairs! YAY! (see the pic)
Have fun!

DeeTaleZ Hunt

Hello there,

Yes, it's another hunt. (Don't hate me!:-))
But this one is different a bit, cos here are loots for girls and for guys too in every section (!) of DeeTaleZ! (Look for the orange (female) and green (male) pumpkins!)
So take your boyfriends on your backs and happy hunting!All clothes: DeeTaleZ
Black boots: Sinistyle (not free)
Param's hair: IreN Mask
Flow's hair: [rQ] Fuzzy
And the great pic by param

[sick hunt - less than a week left]

Dark and dirty and cyber... This place is one of my favorites ever since I first set foot on it.

It expanded and changed, and is changing, so i go back now and then and check the scene. There are quite a few things to look at and now I encourage you all to do so.

There's this hunt going on, you see... not to mention a bunch of other freebies.

The poster tells us that cool looking orange exoskeleton was stolen and its parts hidden in regions sick and sick5. Our mission is to locate 10 small containers and gather all parts. If we do, in the end we'll have a full working, fighting robotic body armor. YAY!

Now, finding all ten of these little boxes in two full regions may be tricky. For some - damn near impossible. It is in your best interest to cooperate with others.

And... hell! I'm gonna give you a few hints. Just in case... you know... :) Use them if you're stuck.

The first half of the comtainers (1-5) are in the center, in sick.
#1 is in the company building, behind a door you can open.
#2 under building with playground toys on top, near the tank, behind the wall.
#3 in a back-alley restaurant (where Moo is pointing on the picture above lol).
#4 at the corner of the Jashin temple, under the stairs.
#5 not too far, building SW from the last one, behind a metal bar.

The rest is in sick5:
#6 is righ text to the laying '5'.
#7 on a shelf in the empty store.
#8 between two buildings haha! (NE corner)
#9 next to the grandfatherclock, this is probably the easiest of all to find.
#10 outside corner of that building, above your head.

I hope these clues help, as I won't give you slurls. Don't wanna ruin your fun finding them. If you still have problems, you should gather some friends and join forces! :)

Enjoy your quest and the prize!


My heart goes *BOOM*

Hello there,

Here are some awesome news from *BOOM* ...as usual!
The new stuffs are absolutely gorgeous with clean outlines and all of them are available in lots of colours, so you can mix them each others well.
Do you like to combine your older fave items with the new ones? (Me too!)
These pieces of clothes are perfect to play with different styles and to find your own BOOM-style.
Here are the Boom Tamed dress in the first three pictures, which I'm wearing with Aranel's Wings. Lovely, ain't it?:-)
(These wings go well with Tamed sexy dress and with my angelic soul too. LOL)
The colors are Fae's Slate, Leila's Ruby and Undo's Beige.
(Hairs: Maitreya Zoe and [rQ] Angst)

Further news:
The BOOM Seaman pants and the Park Life hoodies are combinable items too.
I'm wearing these pants in navy shade with the Park Life hoodie (in the same colour). Sexy, casual with a lil marine taste - and not too serious.
I love the white accessories with this set; the Redgrave boots and the creamshop leatherbag.
The Park Life hoodie (in rust) and the Tamed minidress (Undo's beige) fit together well.
Do you start a safari or just a shopping tour? This combo is perfect to both challenges.
(Hair - [rQ] older groupgift, bag - Truth, socks - noju, shoes - Hucci huntprize, glasses - DECO)

All clothes by *BOOM*
Tattoos: EtchD and I <3 rien
Skin: Exodi - pick reward
Location: embryo
Poses by [LAP], DARE and (pda)

"Empressed" by Kalnins

Look in to my eyes .......... I mean at my shoes!
At the weekend I tried out the nice prim-footed shoes Empress from Kalnins. I have some shoes from another shops, but this one is not only chick and wearable, but you can edit the colours (nails, heels etc.) with a HUD very easily.

*Photos taken at Devol sim's barbee. shop

I wear the shoes with Curio skin, Maitreya's hair, barbee.'s "FAKEFUR" red dress (free at the shop) and barbee.'s jewel diamond dress, DECO's Black Diamond Ring, Leggings by Polina Kaestner, necklaces by [ICoN](stamp rally gift) and Loulou and Co.


Hot news from {paper.doll} !

Hello again,
here are some really hot news from {paper.doll}!
First, the brand new Plunge Halters in a ton of colours. The pack contains two versions of this top, one of them is plain and the other one's striped as you can see in the 2nd and 3rd pics.
Perfect for mix & match with your older fall items, be it hotpants, skirts or jeans! (Colors: black, cherry, plum, gold, sage)
Well i've mentioned jeans? I don't deny; i'm a jeansaholic and these {paper.doll} Ripped Denim were love at first sight. Colours of jeans in the pics are dark, indigo and my fave: faded<3
Have fun folks!

All clothes: {paper.doll}
Further items:
skin - Chai Nova
hair - Hair Solution and [rQ]
shoes -Maitreya Gold, J's and Deetalez (sneakers are hunt prize at Deetalez!)

The Halloween stamp rally has begun!

The Devol brands Halloween stamp rally has already began!
This is my firs choice of the 9 gifts: the cinema red dress with crown, leggings and muffler from barbee. Read more about the rally on dEVOL Fashion Avenue blog and go stamp, because the gifts are adorable!


Weekend again!

Hello there,

here are two, lowcost outfits (and/or items).
First, there is a secret sale at Fusemelon and Philotic Energy and my loot is this hair, PE Pepper in Kohl (3 colours in this pack only for 50 L$)!
Look for the saleitems and have fun!

The dollarbie pants with frill cuffs and the tattoo are from *W:*, and the highheel shoes by Hucci are from the Hucci Hunt. (just seek the pink double H signs and touch them!)
The top is from The Plastik and now, there's a similar one in halloween nice price; for 15L$.
The COCO Designs Sheared mink shrug is one of my faves and the +mocha+ socks too.

This knitted dress is from Djunk for free! (And available in a ton of colors, YAY!)
The bag is a halloween gift by Tres Blah and i'm wearing my beloved J's cowgirlboots in dark brown.
The skins in the pics are gifts from Cupcakes.

Poses: [LAP] and (pda)

[Pulse/Sn@tch Halloween Haunted House]

...and by Halloween Haunted House, we mean Sci-Fi Horror Space Station... of course. :)

Based on video games and movies in the topic, this place provides a pretty enjoyable environment for a NOT_hunt. (There are some nice free items you can get though.)

When you regain consciousness after the long space travel (aka tp), your first task will be leaving the cryotube.

Try to look and click everywhere, as gifts await you hidden in lockers and drawers too.

You'll also find clues to the puzzles ahead and fragments of the cool storyline.

Take your time, read the notes and learn the disturbung truth behind the scenes.

So turn your client's environment settings to midnight, volume up (don't wanna miss those ambient sounds), call some friends and head over to the stasis chambers.


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