Discount sale at Glitter hairshop

Breaking news! :)
There is Discount sale at Glitter, all hair is L$100 (2 color in 1 pack)

I don't know is it new for you, but I didn't know about the Glitter hair sale. So, I was happy yesterday at the shop and I bought 2 hair asap. :) This one is my fav. and I wear it with Curio's new skin and the shirt from (NO) Nylon Outfitters.

Hair: +*gl*+Polly+CHOCO, Platinum
Jacket: (NO) V-Tee - Tattooed MaryAnne
Shoes: Pixel Mode Chabi Wedges - Tan
Pants: JEANS Darkblue 3/4 long *READGRAVE*

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