[Pulse/Sn@tch Halloween Haunted House]

...and by Halloween Haunted House, we mean Sci-Fi Horror Space Station... of course. :)

Based on video games and movies in the topic, this place provides a pretty enjoyable environment for a NOT_hunt. (There are some nice free items you can get though.)

When you regain consciousness after the long space travel (aka tp), your first task will be leaving the cryotube.

Try to look and click everywhere, as gifts await you hidden in lockers and drawers too.

You'll also find clues to the puzzles ahead and fragments of the cool storyline.

Take your time, read the notes and learn the disturbung truth behind the scenes.

So turn your client's environment settings to midnight, volume up (don't wanna miss those ambient sounds), call some friends and head over to the stasis chambers.


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