The Quest for Flesh scavenger hunt at Exodi

Hello guys,

since our main huntress, Flower is on Holiday, I'll inform you about the Quest for Flesh scavenger hunt at Exodi. Flow would say a YAY, because 23 candies with 23 free prizes waiting for you! (8 male skins, 9 female skins, and 6 pairs of eyes!) The hunt ends on Friday, October 26th. Afterwards, all skins except for the Doc Manhattan skins will be added to the Exodi main store for purchase until November 1st.

Here are some sneak peak about the skins, you can have it, if you are lucky, but BEWARE: Candies will MOVE AROUND once found! You have a 50% chance of getting either candy or the flesh you seek! Please read the FAQs for further detail.

* These are the originally uploaded textures from Ryker Beck.

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