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The Glamour Expo has opened and i found a few very impressive collections.
First of all, i'd like to show you the Miamai stuff by monica Oulander. I think, most of you know this brand either by elegant line or the casual one. In first pic is one of my fave dress, Melody. You can choose from a ton of colors, and depending on the accessories, it may be both elegant and casual. So this one is a basic piece. I would never wear fur in RL, but i can make it up in SL:-)
This coat is as glamour-y as cool! I chose some leather stuff - hotpants and boots - with the furcoat and the look is 100% glamrock.

At the Glamour Expo and at the mainstore, you can find these dresses in lots of colours. Elegant? Yes! Extraordinary? Yeeees! And this shade perfectly matches any haircolour.

This cheeky but chic-y dress in blue is a gift from Miamai at the Expo. I'm not kidding, it's free! ;-)
Seek it at the Miamai booth!
Oh, and i almost forget, join the update group and you'll receive the monthly groupgoodies. In October, the gift is a sliver leather bag!

Dresses: Miamai
Hairs: Maitreya, lamb, fri.day
Shoes & boots: Maitreya, Kalnins and Anexx
Skin: Tuli
Shape: Shapes by FD*
Jewellery: Miel

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