[sick hunt - less than a week left]

Dark and dirty and cyber... This place is one of my favorites ever since I first set foot on it.

It expanded and changed, and is changing, so i go back now and then and check the scene. There are quite a few things to look at and now I encourage you all to do so.

There's this hunt going on, you see... not to mention a bunch of other freebies.

The poster tells us that cool looking orange exoskeleton was stolen and its parts hidden in regions sick and sick5. Our mission is to locate 10 small containers and gather all parts. If we do, in the end we'll have a full working, fighting robotic body armor. YAY!

Now, finding all ten of these little boxes in two full regions may be tricky. For some - damn near impossible. It is in your best interest to cooperate with others.

And... hell! I'm gonna give you a few hints. Just in case... you know... :) Use them if you're stuck.

The first half of the comtainers (1-5) are in the center, in sick.
#1 is in the company building, behind a door you can open.
#2 under building with playground toys on top, near the tank, behind the wall.
#3 in a back-alley restaurant (where Moo is pointing on the picture above lol).
#4 at the corner of the Jashin temple, under the stairs.
#5 not too far, building SW from the last one, behind a metal bar.

The rest is in sick5:
#6 is righ text to the laying '5'.
#7 on a shelf in the empty store.
#8 between two buildings haha! (NE corner)
#9 next to the grandfatherclock, this is probably the easiest of all to find.
#10 outside corner of that building, above your head.

I hope these clues help, as I won't give you slurls. Don't wanna ruin your fun finding them. If you still have problems, you should gather some friends and join forces! :)

Enjoy your quest and the prize!

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