Happy 4th Anniversary, Artilleri!

Hello there,

Well yes, Artilleri turned 4!
Thanks to this event, there's a huge sale at Artilleri and Sand Shack Surf Co. too.
50% off sale on every items till 12nd december!
Hurry up girls!
Here's my lil selection from both stores' stuff:

Hair, skirt, tops and pants: Artilleri
(Necklace: So Many Styles
Shoes: Truth old groupgift and ETD)

Sweater, retro swimsuit, hair: Artilleri
Jeans with cocoa stain: Sand Shack Surf
Both dresses are form Sand Shack Surf Co.
(Boots with pink leggings: Anexx, skin: Tuli Bella series - both of them previously posted, skybox: Lithium groupgift)

Have fun guys and Happy Anniversary, Artilleri!

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Antonia Marat said...

Thank you Flower!! :)

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