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Hello everyone,
Here's the latest [PXL] skinseries; Linda, so it's a great start of this week.
Linda G3 is available in 4 beautiful skintones from yesterday and [PXL] will realease 2 additional tones in the near future.
Well this new line came with some new innovations. There are base skins with 15 different lipcolors and separate eyeshadows in tattoo layers (15 different ones) - instead of eyeshadow/lipcolors variations of skins - so very easy to mix & match them.
The "base" pack contains 8 skins - cleavage and normal options, hairbase, and three eyebrow variations as well even a full body freckled tattoo.
Ooookay, few words about Linda. First i saw this skin at Jori (thank you for the tip, love you!:)) and i was in love immediately. Linda is a more mature beauty, a real lady. The bodies are soft, sexy and highly detailed without any grease or oil, i adore those bellies and tits as well.
The face is just flawless; you have to see those lips, i want them iRL (omg) I've checked them at several shapes and the results were always perfect.
Don't hesitate and grab demos at [PXL] Mainstore:)

(Look at those bellies!!)

My choise was the sunkissed version with cherry lips (and my fav eyeshadows):

Skins: [PXL] Linda G3 (NEW!)
Eyes: Tuli Jade series
Hair: Elikatira and fri.day
Lingerie: BOOM
Shape: ShapesfloweR (coming soon)
Jewelry: MOOD

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